Pulse Check: 2016 New Year’s Resolution (I mean, 2016 Goals)


In an attempt to steer away from a “New Year’s Resolution” this year, I decided to put together a list of  10″Goals” instead. I tagged them as goals because they are more of a lifestyle improvement. We’ve all heard it, every year come January 1st, “It’s part of my New Year’s Resolution,” and we read and hear in the news a short week or so later how long (or short) those well intended resolutions actually lasted.

Now that we’ve completed the 6 month of 2016 I thought it would be nice to do a pulse check to see just how I’m actually doing when it comes to my 2016 “goals,” and to also share these goals with all of you.

2016 New Year’s Resolution (er, I mean goals)

  1.  No purchasing clothes or shoes – Well, I can’t lie about this one…I’m failing miserably. I’m a sucker for a bargain, but really I have all the clothes and shoes I could ever need. Definitely need to get this right for the remaining part of the year.
  2. Pay off Prosper Loan (March 2016)- I had consolidated some credit card debt and was indeed able to pay that loan off. I didn’t do it by March, but nonetheless took care of it.
  3. Set up IRA to save for a house – Happily, I completed this task and add $50 per month to this account. The trick to this is having it directly deposited the same day I get paid every month – it’s like hiding money from yourself!
  4. Open separate savings account and deposit my bonus  I also completed this. To ensure I couldn’t easily tap into this account I set up just a savings account, with just an ATM card with a credit union where I’m also accruing interest.
  5. New Job – either in the SF general office, or in the East Bay – I also completed this goal. I did not make it into the East Bay (which would ease my commute stress) but I did transition into a new role at the beginning of this year.
  6. Create a spending log – I did this, and continue to do this. I have some weeks that fall apart and I don’t keep on top of it – so there is definitely room for improvement. But I highly recommend it. I’m a fairly competitive person so I’m almost in competition with myself to not spend money. Win-win!
  7. Bring lunch at least 4 days per week – This is MUCH harder than you could ever imagine. A lot of times if I’m not leaving the office for lunch I’ll never feel the sunshine on my face (when there is sunshine in SF). BUT I have some weeks that are better than others, and if anything I’m better off now than I was before when I was buying lunch 5 days a week at the price of AT LEAST $10-15 per day (EEEKKK!).
  8. Only go out 3 nights a week – This is including weekends. Some weeks are harder than others. But having this as a goal has definitely made me pause and say no on occasion when before I wouldn’t have even thought twice and would have said yes.
  9. Instead of going out, go to the gym – This is important, because when you say no to going out then you sit at home by yourself. SO unless I have a good book to read, or some housecleaning to do, the gym has been my alternative on occasion – though, sadly not frequently enough.
  10. Start a blog – Well, if you’re reading this then you know I’ve completed that goal! And I have to say I’m loving it, and I hope that you are too!

I can’t really look at this list and say, these are great New Year’s Resolutions – which is why I call them goals. This was really an inventory to help me think about smarter ways of doing things, and a way to encourage self-discipline. Creating attainable goals is really the first step in succeeding – even if it means not buying anymore shoes or clothes, or going out with with friends, or buying lunch 5 days a week…

What are some goals or resolutions you’ve been able to stick to? And how did you do it?!?


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