31 Days of Gratitude: Day 20


Day 20: Who in your life are you grateful for? I am above and beyond grateful for my family and friends (obviously!). But I’m going to focus on my friends for this blog entry.

If you’re anything like me then you have multiple sets of friends – so I broke them down for you below:

The friends you made as a kiddo – I have the friends I made as a kid (high school) who I call my ride or dies. They are ALWAYS there for me and literally are just as supportive as family. This is the group of friends that I know I could call on at any day or time and they would be there for me, and for that I am grateful. Just recently I ran into an ex-boyfriend I hadn’t seen in 10 plus years, and I was so flummoxed by the encounter that I had to share it with someone. I was with a friend, but her and I weren’t that close when I had been dating this guy, but I knew who I could text and she would get it. Jamie was there to join with me in the craziness that was running into my ex – and for that little moment I was so happy that I still had someone who went that far back (and even further actually), and could relate to how I was feeling about running into this person. Check out those crazy gals below (plus one hubby hehe)

The friends you made when you were making very bad decisions (college friends) – Hahah! I titled this group of friends like this because, well let’s be honest these people were the friends that I worked really hard in college with and subsequently blew off a lot of steam with on the weekends. These are the people that would literally sneak away with you during your 30 minute break to grab McDonald’s chicken mcnuggets because you were both nursing the same hangover from the night before. One or two of these people are still in my life – and I am forever grateful for that because they remind me of a snapshot in life when we were all just trying to figure out what the heck we were doing, what were we going to do after we graduated, and – was this all really worth it? My best friend from college and I made sure that we got to sit next to each other during commencement, and I literally cannot remember anything leading up to them calling our names, but I do remember waiting for her to meet me at the bottom of steps after we received our diplomas and giving each other the biggest hug of our lifetimes, and screaming we did it! You only get to share those moments with remarkable people, and if you can’t be grateful for that and appreciate it for everything in the world then you’re just plain crazy! Those are moments and memories that literally last a lifetime. (love you Jenny)


The friends you made at work – OK so this in itself is like a 3-part category. So, I’m going to break it down like so: Part 1: The friends you made at work while you were in college, Part 2: The friends you made at your first job out of college, and Part 3: The friends you made at work – today.

Part 1: The friends you made at work while you were in college – so work for me in college was a little different. I had been working at a swim and tennis club in my early college days but then made the move to a full-time(ish) nanny gig for a family who should actually go under the “family” section. The Larsen family are a part of me and will be forever. I will never forget the first time I met Shea. He was nine months old, had this big round moon face and huge blue eyes. He smiled at me and that was it – I fell in love with that kid. When I was asked to start watching him one day a week I was beyond excited. Then a couple of years later they were expecting a second baby (Jack), and him and I had a different connection since I was around from the beginning. I worked for the Larsen family for 5 years and I wouldn’t trade that time and experience for anything. To this day they are like family to me, and though I don’t see them as often as I’d like to (it’s amazing how busy children get nowadays!) I did get to spend an extended weekend with the boys while their mom and dad were in Chicago. It was quite a different experience this time around – with one being in high school and all – but there was also something so unbelievably nostalgic about the entire thing. They have truly turned into the sweetest, most considerate, and respectful young men I’ve ever met. I’m proud to have been able to be apart of their lives and share that time with all of them.

Part 2: The friends you made at your first job out of college – these were very important and very influencing folks. These were the friends I made when I first got out of college. Picture this, I’m 24 and I’ve been going to college and nannying when I wasn’t in school. I was able to wear flip flops, jeans and hoodie to work on a regular basis. I now had to wear slacks and a button-up shirt to work, be in San Francisco by 8 a.m. every morning, AND work until 5 p.m. every night. Talk about take me out of my comfort zone! But there are a few people in particular I connected with at this job, and I still see most of them at least once a year for lunch or drinks. I’ve attended their weddings and consider them to be great friends to this day (8 years later!). They were my first real grown-up connections post-college for me, and I will forever be grateful for those folks.


Part 3: The friends you made at work – today – these people are a different breed of friends because they are the folks I spend the most time with outside of work today. I ran my first half marathon with these people, have had travel adventures with these people, I’m traveling to Italy for the first time with some of these folks, and they are the people I can really openly vent to about work – and they totally get it! They are also the people that I can cry to no matter how insignificant or silly my issues may seem. They get me – and they’ve been patient with me while I’ve grown and changed over the past 6 1/2 years (break-ups, job changes, family health issues) you name, they’ve tolerated it 🙂 And even within this group I have little sub-groups which diversifies me and who I am even further. Love you ladies!

This blog post was particularly fun. I love being able to tell the people in my life how much they mean to me. I love you all – and wish you all a Merry Christmas (if I don’t see you before then)



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