31 Days of Gratitude: Day 22


Day 22: What story are you grateful for?  I am always grateful for the story of how I found my rescue pup Ruby Sue. I had a cat who was getting ready to turn 17! Can you believe that? 17! Allie really was the sweetest cat in the world, and she was a rescue as well (found in a neighbor’s garage), and was a genuine scaredy cat – so she was always handled with care. Anyway, I knew that my days were eventually coming to an end with her (she had failing kidneys, and I think she had gone a little senile as well) and so I was thinking about adopting a cat to help ease the transition for me.

So, I am perusing Craigslist postings under the “cat” section when a pretty non-descriptive post appears, and at this point I was basically just clicking on every single posting on the off chance that I would find a cat I wanted to at least go see in person. Well, I click on a link and it takes me to a posting for a dog, and not just any dog but my pup Ruby! The photos below are taken from her actual Craigslist posting – you will quickly see why I logged onto Craigslist looking for a cat and ended up with Ruby!

Anyway – I immediately go to the Love and Second Chances website, I highly recommend you check them out. This organization is managed by some truly amazing people and they also work extremely hard to rescue pups internationally as well. They are doing amazing things in this world and are true guardian angels for so many pups!

I filled out the application and they immediately got back to me asking if I wanted to see her. I decided that I ABSOLUTELY had to see her and that I would make it work the next day. So, my brother Dustin and I set up an agreed upon time at a park in San Ramon to see Tiramisu (aka Ruby). I fell head over heals in love with her, and I think Dustin did too. I was told that there was one other person interested in her and that they would know that day if they were going to adopt her or not. I’m a fairly competitive person, but that made me down right crazy competitive. I told Dustin that she HAD to be mine, and I was lucky enough to indeed make her mine.

She came into my life at a time where my companion (Allie-cat) would be leaving me soon and she has definitely filled that hole, and then some! Ruby has so much attitude, is very particular about a lot of things, and is extremely opinionated and loud! She has a true terrier bark and grew into what I call a girl’s best friend. Below is a snap of what she looks like today and my Allie cat (RIP).

With any rescue pup comes challenges. Ruby hates the car – I have never had a dog who didn’t enjoy the car, it literally makes her shake and breathe heavily – she hates it! She also doesn’t like anything that makes a crumpling sound, for example water bottles or paper/plastic bags. Something early on before she was rescued clearly scared her, which always breaks my heart to think about but she now has a loving home and two other pups she gets to romp around with now (my parent’s dogs – also Love and Second Chances rescues).

I hope you enjoyed this short little story about how I came to have this Scruff McGruff in my life. She truly is a sweet pup and I’m not sure what it would be like without her!


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