31 Days of Gratitude: Day 23


Day 23: What tradition are you grateful for? I’m grateful for the tradition of Mari and Ava spending the night on Christmas Eve. There’s only been a couple of Christmas Eves where it didn’t happen, but for the most part I’ve been lucky enough to have those nights with them.

It really is a lot of fun. The girls come over later afternoon and my Mom always has a craft or something for them to make. In the past we have made ornament head bands, gingerbread houses, Santa hat brownies…you name it! Then, either my Mom or I make dinner and we go see Christmas lights in Fremont after we eat dinner (Ava has literally fallen asleep on the way there and then woke up as we pulled back into the driveway, upset that she missed the lights 😦 poor thing). Once that is over, the girls get to open one gift (from me) and it is usually brand new pajamas. Then we pile into my bed – though as of late I’ve had to put my foot down and put Mariana at the foot of the bed on the air mattress. Two kids, me and a dog in my queen sized bed is less than comfortable.

The next morning we get up and open presents – both from Santa and the rest of us – and then Chris and Audi pick the girls up so they can have Christmas at their home too! It is one of the things I look forward to every year, and get excited about because to quote Mariana – “Grandma’s house is so magical.” Kinda can’t argue with the kid! Merry Christmas!




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