Weekly Round Up: What we did, what we made.

All Recipes for Everything in this Blog Can be Found on my Instagram: Wishbonedreams

Hi everyone! I’m sure it was a busy weekend full of cooking and planning for the Super Bowl. For me personally, I am not a football fan but our neighbors (who are also in our social COVID-free bubble) are, so they invited us over. Dillon made delicious hot wings, homemade ranch dressing and we took some crackers and jalapeño dip we picked up at the farmer’s market. Honestly, I was relieved he took the lead on what to bring. While I like planning out what we are going to eat all week, when it comes to appetizers etc. I basically have a handful of go-tos, and on a special occasion I will make a charcuterie board (I’ll have to do a post about that).

The week started with Mo on Monday. For dinner we had turkey meatball spaghetti. It was definitely kid approved, but still took her 45 minutes to eat dinner. Does anyone else battle with that? Dinner is such a struggle sometimes, even when it’s something we know she loves.

Tuesday Mo and I are usually on our own, however we have a standing date with my good friend Heather and her two little boys. Her husband is also a deputy and working on Tuesday evenings so we get the kiddos together either at her house or ours and the kids ride bikes, play on the trampoline and so on. It’s good for the kids and we get a little bit of a break and some girl time to chat. It was my house this past week so I made crispy cheddar chicken. It was also kid approved – by one 5 year old and one 2 year old.

Wednesday Mo went back to her Mom’s so I was on my own for dinner…except I wasn’t. Dillon was home for dinner on Wednesday night – which NEVER happens. So, I roasted some broccoli and threw the leftover chicken in the broiler to get it nice and crispy. Anyone else love leftovers?

Thursday was another quiet evening by myself and I always struggle with what to make for myself when I’m by myself. Sometimes I even default to just ordering something but couldn’t bring myself to do it. SO I made myself a HUGE chicken quesadilla. I only ate half and left the rest for Dillon when he got home from work later that night. I don’t have a recipe to link, but I do try to always have that pre-cooked chicken for easy things such as chicken salads or a chicken quesadilla.

Friday we got Mo back to start our 5 days and I was going to do grilled cheese and soup but then thought I’d surprise her with her favorite thing for dinner…BREAKFAST! She was so excited. Helped me make the pancakes and everything. I cook a lot of things out of Joanna Gaines’ cook books. One of which is her Best Ever Fluffy Pancakes. I won’t list out the recipe but I did a quick google search and it’s easy to find. But seriously, her cookbooks are worth the purchase in my opinion (the hard back versions). I decided to add cinnamon to the pancake batter and I promise it made them even better! We did bacon – which we bake in the oven at 400 for about 15 minutes. Comes out perfect! If you haven’t tried that trick do it! Saves time, and messy grease splatter.

Saturday we hit up the farmers market and had some burritos there for lunch and then went over to Heather’s house. Dillon was helping Heather’s husband out with one of his dirt bikes and it gave the kids an opportunity to play again. We decided to barbecue chicken and burgers and all were happy! Heather made the patties and they were delicious and super simple! She did two spoonfuls of minced garlic, salt and pepper and soy sauce. Then we did muenster cheese on them – they were a hit!

Sunday was super bowl and of course we just ate a ton of stuff. So, we start the week again and I will likely sit down and make my grocery list and plan dinners for the week. Crockpot Sloppy Joe’s were on the list for last week but didn’t happen so I will be doing that on Tuesday night for our standing playdate. Otherwise I gotta figure it out!

I just created a highlight on my IG of all the things I made with recipes! Hope you all can enjoy that, I know I love to try new recipes I find on both Pinterest and IG.


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