Hi there! My name is Nikki and I live in Northern California (the San Francisco, Bay Area to be exact), with my crazy rescue pup Ruby Sue. On this site you will find my thoughts on life, love, fashion, food, fitness, and all the craziness in between!

After 7 years of writing in a capacity unlike that of the blogging world (corporate/executive communications), a change in my role at work opened the opportunity for me to write creatively again. I’m excited to share the fun and craziness that is my life with all of you, my wonderful family (Mom, Dad, 2 brothers, 1 sister-in-law, and 2 nieces), and fantastic friends!


This is Ruby Sue at Pt. Isabel in Richmond, California. Pt. Isabel is one of the largest dog parks in the East Bay, and quite literally Doggy-Disneyland. She loves it!

Here are some of the folks I’m talking about…these people make me who I am. Be sure to follow me on IG: Wishbonedreams, Pinterest: Wishbonedreams / Nikki Delucchi and Twitter: Wishbone_Dreams!

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