FASTer Way to Fat Loss

What is the FASTer Way to Fat Loss?

The FASTer Way to Fat Loss is a program that lasts for 6 weeks. My goal is to ultimately equip and empower you to strategically incorporate the cutting-edge FASTer Way fitness and nutrition strategies into your existing lifestyle. As a client you will learn how to effectively complete the workouts and food cycle and create a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that you will be able to maintain long-term. We make it so that this program fits YOUR lifestyle, not changing your lifestyle to fit the program.

The FASTer Way to Fat Loss begins on the advertised program start date. These initial few weeks are important for several reasons:

  • First, you will learn the cutting edge strategies we utilize through the FASTer Way to Fat Loss.
  • Second, you will have the opportunity to implement the workouts, food cycle and gluten-free and dairy-free lifestyle. This will give you an opportunity to cement the lifestyle. However, not everyone stays gluten and dairy-free, alcohol free, or choose to do the workouts. Some clients choose to focus on nutrition the first 6 weeks and then incorporate workouts once they become a VIP client. More on this later! 

As a participant in the FASTer Way, you will have access to a comprehensive app that serves as your learning center. The app will guide you day by day through our methods and protocols and teach key information behind WHY we do what we do. I will also supplement the app with a private Facebook group, where you will receive supplemental information, video trainings, daily action items, support, and feedback. 

So, you might be asking yourself, “what happens during these 6 weeks?”

Prep Week Intermittent Fasting + Whole Food Nutrition

During Prep Week, you will learn the basics of intermittent fasting and whole food nutrition. I will help you familiarize yourself with the app and, complete a new client form and help you set your macros while also educating you on the science behind it all.

After Prep Week is complete you should be

  • Practicing intermittent fasting most, if not every day of the week
  • Reducing gluten and dairy in your eating pattern
  • Defining what it means to you to be successful in the FASTer Way
  • Experimenting with the FASTer Way workouts

Week 1 Macronutrients + Tracking Food

During Week 1, you will learn about macronutrients and how to accurately track your food. You will begin to familiarize yourself with the MyFitnessPal app or the FWTFL app, watch instructional videos and calculate your macronutrient needs.

After Week 1 is complete you should be

  • Consistently logging your food in MyFitnessPal/FWTFL app
  • Working to eliminate all gluten and dairy from your eating pattern
  • Experimenting with tighter fasting and feeding windows and/or reducing feeding windows
  • Continuing to experiment with the FASTer Way workouts

Week 2 Carbohydrate Cycling

During Week 2, you will learn about carbohydrate cycling and the benefits of eating lower carb on some days of the week and higher carb on others.

After Week 2 is complete you should be

  • Getting close to your macronutrient goals set in MFP most days of the week
  • Committing to your intermittent fasting windows
  • Incorporating your favorite low carbohydrate foods on some days of the week and higher carbohydrate foods on others
  • Completing the FASTer Way workouts

 Week 3 – 5 Putting it All Together

During Weeks 3-5, you will put all that you’ve learned together and commit a whole week to the FASTer Way food and exercise cycle. Weeks Four and Five will dive deeper into nutrition, fitness, and mindset principles. You will learn about the FASTer Way mindset, how to measure progress, and share your successes – because believe me, you will have some to share!

After your 6 weeks are complete, you should be

  • Defining what progress looks like for you
  • Consistently cycling macronutrients by day of the week according to your physical activity
  • Hitting your macro targets within 5-10 grams +/- according to your My Fitness Pal/FWTFL App goals
  • Successfully completing the FASTer Way workouts

Enrollment in the FASTer Way VIP membership program

  • We urge you to continue into VIP after your 6 week program – I promise that if you give me 6 weeks, in 12 we will be making HUGE strides.

While I know the initial monetary commitment is usually what scares clients off, it breaks down to roughly $5 a day for 6 weeks. That’s a Starbucks, Duncan, Peet’s (whatever your fave is) cup of coffee per day. Interested in changing your life for the better? Sign up for my next round here!

XO Nikki