31 Days of Gratitude: Day 30


Day 30: What talent or skill do you have that you are grateful for? I would have to say the talent or skill that I have that I am most grateful for is the ability to write. But not just writing, I love to edit things – or what I like to call “word smithing.”

I think my love for words started early on, before I could really even write. It started with my love for reading. I was the kid who would be up until midnight reading a book instead of watching TV or playing video games. I LOVE to read. Unfortunately, I feel like I don’t do it enough or nearly as much as I used to, but there is something to be said for the feeling you get when you are completely wrapped up in a book. Basically obsessed with a book, not able to put it down and when you have to be pulled away from it, all you can think about is the next time you can sit down and pick the book back up again. I think that reading and writing naturally go hand-in-hand.

Growing up, I had big dreams of writing for my high school newspaper – I wanted to be a journalist. So, I took the AP English class that was taught by our broody Varsity basketball coach – man was he scary! BUT, if you took his english class as a Sophomore, you were guaranteed a spot on the school newspaper your Junior year. So, I did it. I remember my Dad coming home from back to school night and saying to me that Mr. Kendall seemed like a really tough teacher, and that I would probably learn the most from him out of any other teacher I would encounter in high school. My Dad was right. I strongly believe that Mr. Kendall instilled in me a lot of the perspective I still have today when I think about the audience I’m writing for, whether I’m addressing the who, what, when, where and how? and am I being clear and concise? I use all of those skills every day at work, and I learned those while sitting in Mr. Kendall’s class every day for 3 years.

I wrote for the school paper during my Junior and Senior years in high school, and then again in college. It’s interesting how my love for writing evolved. In junior high I wanted to be a novelist, then it morphed into realizing that I needed to pick a paying job so I wanted to be a journalists, but then I thought about how journalists are always traveling and chasing stories and that maybe that wasn’t necessarily the route I wanted to take in the long run. When it was time to decide on a major, I chose communications. When I looked at the course curriculum it still addressed a lot of the areas that I loved, media studies, editing etc.

I’ve been lucky enough to work most of my career in the communications field in one capacity or another, and this year I decided to start the blog. I don’t have a niche per say – but I’m hoping that eventually something evolves. Also on my list of ambitious plans is to write a children’s book. Not a lot of people know this, but it’s something I’m very interested in doing, and something I’ve been exploring with my artist brother Dustin. I’m hoping to start sharing short stories from that endeavor sometime in the coming year.

Needless to say, writing is not just important to me, but it is an outlet for me and it’s a way that I have been able to express myself and also make a living! For all of that I’m grateful and hope that all of my readers enjoy it as well!



31 Days of Gratitude: Day 25


Day 25: What moment this week are you most grateful for? I would have to say that the moment I am most grateful for this past week would have to be the time I got to spend with Mariana (8) and Ava (4) – my nieces. We had a “girls day” on Friday the 23rd and went to San Francisco for the day.

We took the train over – which was super cool to them (even though I do it every single day), and then we had lunch at Mel’s Diner. Ava excitedly ordered hot chocolate with her pancakes and Mariana ordered a grilled cheese sandwich (her uncle would be proud) that came in a super cool old school car. We then walked over to Macy’s at Union Square to see the puppies and kittens in the windows – it was hard to walk away that’s for sure! Once I pried the girls away from the animals we walked over to Union Square to check out the the huge Christmas tree and take a few photos.

This was my first adventure to the city with two kids – and one stroller. I was a little worried, but it’s amazing how quickly my nanny knowledge kicked right back in! I guess you never lose that type of skill! It was pouring rain that morning so I was praying to the rain gods that they would take a little break long enough for us to get some fun in. We were lucky! It started to rain fairly hard on our way to the Ferry Building (they wanted to see the Ferry’s come in an out of the dock and check out the Bay Bridge), but the rain won and we ended up taking shelter in a Peet’s (near my office) until it was safe to leave.

All in all we had a fantastic day out, and I would have to say it’s the moment this week that I’m most grateful for – though there were a lot with the holiday etc., but this one was special. And, I probably started a new tradition 🙂

Happy Holidays!



31 Days of Gratitude: Day 4


What food are you most grateful for?

This one is a hard choice to make. I love a lot of different food – and if it’s fried or has cheese on it I’ll probably love it! BUT, there is a particular food that my world revolved around for a number of years while I was a teenager. That food is pizza. I worked at Bronco Billy’s Pizza Palace which was the local pizza hang out in my neighborhood. I worked there for a couple of years during my teenage years, and to this day I still say that it was my absolute favorite place to work.

This pivotal part of my life, the part of your life when you BECOME a true teenager, when you meet some of the best friends you’ll have for life, and when you fall in love for the first time, all evolved from Bronco Billy’s. It started the summer I turned 15 when I was working at a day camp. A majority of the counselors, as well as the director of the camp (all in their late teens and early to mid-twenties) worked at camp during the summer days and then worked at the pizza place in the evenings. It was my second year as a junior counselor, and I was well on my way to becoming a counselor in training the following year – it was everything I had strived for and I was loving it. The director was also a manager at Bronco Billy’s and asked if I would be interested in working a couple of nights a week at the pizza place. Heck yes! I was SO excited. I went in to fill out the application, met Tito the crazy Armenian guy who ran the place, and I was immediately put on the schedule. To say I was psyched and over the moon all wrapped into one is an understatement.

What I didn’t realize was how much that job was going to define that time in my life. I learned the worth of a dollar, how to support myself, how to budget my money, how to prioritize important things – I was working and in high school at the same time, and I made relationships that have spanned almost 20 years. I met a group of guys I can easily say are still like the older brothers I never had and I met and dated the first guy I ever loved during that time period (though he didn’t work at the pizza place). Not only was this pizza place impactful on my life as a teenager, but as a child we spent a lot of time there as well.

Behind the counter we would laugh and sing, and throw stuff at each other. Someone once threw a pepperoni at me and hit me smack in the middle of my forehead – a week before my Senior Prom. I freaked out and had to wash my face immediately. And, if anyone thinks I have really good slip reflexes, it’s because that floor at the pizza place could get unbelievably slippery. I laugh as I write this thinking about how may people fell and/or slipped. You may think it’s wrong to find this funny, but no one ever actually got hurt – and we all thought it was hysterical – it was a comedic break at a place that was slammed on Friday and Saturday nights, and since it is so close to Cal State East Bay, it was also a popular place on Monday nights after the fraternity’s and sorority’s had their weekly meetings.

I grew up while working at Bronco Billy’s and it helped shape who I am and who I have in my life, and because of that I am forever grateful for pizza! (As a matter of fact, that’s where I had dinner tonight) 😉