Why Are Some People Meant to Cross Your Path?

Why are some people meantto cross your path-Why do some people cross our paths? Especially the ones who are here for a fleeting moment and then really, you’ll probably never see them again? I realize that for some of our relationships we know EXACTLY why that person was part of our lives – especially romantic relationships, friendships etc., but I continually have people enter my life for a very, very short amount of time. I find that these encounters seem to leave the biggest impact.

I’ve always thought that it’s meant to teach me something, right? I must have needed this person to enter my life at that very moment, right? It’s hard to know right away; if ever at all. I have experienced this more than a few times. It’s usually when my guard is down, I’m either on vacation or out and about doing something – distracted and not thinking about normal life stuff. These people enter my life, create a connection that I can’t say I have with anyone else, and as quickly as they enter, they’re gone. Sure, there’s FB and IG to stay connected (which helps with the sudden sadness you feel once you say goodbye to that person), but it often takes time to recover from the interaction and connection you felt.

I love meeting good people. People who have amazing personalities, they’re smart, respectful, funny, and just have a genuinely kind heart. I get too caught up in the rat race that is my commute everyday (and where I happen to be writing these very words), to a city I’ve come to try to avoid if I’m not working, to a  job that I enjoy but I’m unsure whether it’s my absolute calling, and then BOOM someone walks in and kind of flips a switch. You see things a little differently, from a different perspective and you realize maybe this isn’t what it’s all supposed to be about?

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I usually meet these amazing people when I’m on vacation. I have less worry, I’m in a better head space, and I’m more open to receive the good and let people in. I’m more open to be myself, smile more (a big one for me as I have a tendency to look VERY serious a lot of the time), and I’m just generally open for someone to engage with me. It’s become the thing I love the most about traveling. These people I meet are meant to touch my life at that particular moment (for whatever reason that may be), and me for them.

The downside, and the thing I don’t like about it is how empty it makes me feel when I have to say goodbye. It can actually be very sad. It’s like having this happy ray of sunshine that made you feel so warm and happy covered by a rain cloud. You’re left with this feeling of desperation to capture it again, but a few days go by and you’re back to your normal days, friends, lives and you slowly forget what that felt like.  The only thing I can say about this is to try your hardest to remember how good that feeling “feels,” and when you aren’t feeling so great think back on how amazing that was. It helps, it really does.

I often grapple with the reality that it’s clear that person wasn’t supposed to be a large part of my life, but they somehow left the biggest impression on me. I used to think I was the only one who got emotionally attached to someone’s genuine spirit upon first meeting them – and this goes for both men and women. I’ve had amazing connections with people who I have maybe met once or twice in my life. It’s like they’re a part of me – it’s a strange feeling. Most recently, someone made me realize it doesn’t just happen to me. It was reciprocated this time, so it felt differently – and maybe it’s been reciprocated in the past and I just didn’t know it – regardless, it impacted me.

I’ve read things about soulmates and how someone can have more than one in their lifetime. I used to think that was a bunch of garbage, but the more I travel and meet people from different places and different walks of life, I realize that those people who touch me and impact me so significantly are probably part of those many soulmates we all have out there just waiting to make that connection with us. And soulmates are in the form of both men and women. I think often times we think of a “soulmate” as the person we are meant to be with romantically. I personally don’t think that is the case. I feel like I’m sounding too “gypsy soul” right now, but it keeps happening to me. People need to feel connected to feel loved and alive, and we don’t always get that in our day-to-day, so when you experience a new place, somewhere beautiful, and you experience it with someone who starts out as a total stranger only to connect and have a great conversation, it’s hard to not think that person was sent to you for a reason. I like to think these people are sent to me in order to help me remember that I still have the ability to connect on that level, and that I can still feel loved and alive.

I’ve had long lasting friendships from almost everywhere I have traveled: Hawaii, Mexico, Las Vegas, Arizona…you name it. With most of the folks I’ve met on vacation I’ve been able to stay connected, and even visit some of them! The connections with these people are very real, and they’re very different than some of the connections I have with my closest family and friends, and for that I’m grateful. I am also thankful that I have the opportunity to travel, to be open enough to meet these wonderful people, and to be aware enough of the impact it has on me as a person, my life, and my world.

I’m sure some of these wonderful people I have met are reading this blog entry right now, so I thank you for enriching my life and making it just a tad bit more enjoyable!